18 October 2011

Blog Award... Thanks :)

What a lovely thing to come home to. The very talented and kind Annette has given me a blog award and how perfect, considering I have quite the butterfly obsession.
Thank you so much Annette xo
Please everyone be sure to pop over for a visit to Annette's blog.

To accept the award, I must answer the following questions and then pass the award on to 10 other blogs
1. Name my favorite color/colors - Green & Blue

              2. Name my favorite song – Impossible to pick but possibly Themata by Karnivool
3. Name my favorite dessert – Chocolate!!!
4. What 'wizzes' me off at the moment? – The insane stress of my job and the fact that its taking way too long for them to recruit some support to my role.
5. My favorite pets – My two kitties - Felix and Villain
6. Black or white?  Black
7. Biggest fear – Driving. I do still drive  but only to work and very few other places. 
8. Best feature - My organisation skills lol 
9. Everyday attitude – Resiliant and easy going 
10. What is perfection? – The ability to live life to the fullest with those you love and to think more about the experiences than the material assets 
11. Guilty Pleasure-  Chocolate of course!
12. When I am upset I... sometimes cry, or vent or listen to loud music and drink wine haha

I would love to pass this blog award out to the following ladies:
Be sure to check out the blogs of these lovely talented ladies who are just a few of the amazing people who's work I love to be inspired by.
Holly xo


Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Holly!!
It is Totally AWESOME to read this bit of Info about you.....
Some of your Answers would be mine, Just a little Different.. BUT not by much!!!! hehehehe
THANKS SO VERY MUCH for Thinking of ME to receive this AWARD....
I'm Like you & have a little bit of an Obsession with Butterflies!!!!

Crystal Goulding said...

Awww thanks for the award chickie!! We should totally get together for a scrap day ;)

Toni Cartwright said...

Oh WOW thanks so so much for this award!!! So needed right now!!!! So hugs for that!!.... XOXO
I so love all that info about you!!! things i would never of guessed of you like scared of driving??? WOW thanks so much for sharing that!!!
And thanks again so much for me award
Take care

Ali said...

Hey, hey lovely! Thanks for the award. It was fun to learn a bit more about you too :)