30 May 2012

First Retreat Shares

Hi all

I finally had an opportunity to photograph my layouts from the Wicked Princess retreat on the weekend. It was a quick before work photo session so some of them I need to do again lol But at least I am a bit more organised.

This layout was inspired by one of the Kaiser sketches from May, sketch #2 using the pretty Madame Boutique collection from Kaiser. This has to be one of my favourite Kaiser collections. It also features some Twidleybitz chipboard, a Manor House flower and some D-lish scraps blooms. Rather than frame the picture with a border, I cut out a section of the paper and distressed and curled it back to reveal the photo and paper underneath.

This layout was actually one of the few a bit closer to my usual scrapping style. I found I was doing a lot of clean and simple on the weekend which is something I am usually intimidated by lol It was fun though!

This next layout was inspired by the May Saturday sketch #4 on the Kaiser blog.

This is one of the ones that did not photograph so well however I'm running out of May so uploading it while there is still time for the challenge lol Love this cute photo of my niece Liarna. She had the most hypo face. It was the day of her day care graduation so she was full of excitement in her pretty new dress!

Plenty more retreat shares will be coming soon. Stay tuned :)

Holly x

27 May 2012

Wicked Princesses Scrapbooking Retreat

Hey there

It's been a while between posts but I thought I'd send a quick post to update that I have scrapped... finally! A record 13.5 layouts over a weekend! The only reason this was possible was due to the super fun Wicked Princesses retreat I had the pleasure of attending.

This was my first scrap retreat and it was so much fun! I cannot wait to go to another as it really had me inspired and focused on creating. I am a very slow scrapper normally and spend way too much time thinking about a single layout. I have been known to spend an entire day on the one layout at times. Tragic, I know! But somehow there was magic in the air that kept me going and going and going!!

So thank you so much to Krissy for organising such a wonderful event and thanks to all the lovely scrappy ladies I got to meet over the weekend.

I finally got to learn the amazing technique of heat embossing thanks to the talented Anne Patterson! Thanks Anne... I'm going to get addicted and am currently placing an order for my own heat tool and a heap of powders lol

Now for something really impressive... here is a peak at one of the amazing scrap walls that ended up covered like wall paper over the weekend. So much amazing talent to be seen.

You will have to wait until I get some enery back to photograph the rest of my layouts before you see some of the work from the weekend. But you won't have to wait too long for some of them.

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Holly xo

16 May 2012

Mother's Day

Hi all,

This year I went with something handmade for mother's day for my mum. I decided something to commemorate her various roles... mother and grandmother into a framed keepsake using one of the fabulous Kaiser photo frames.

This is the end result:

 And a card to go with it:

Both feature some gorgeous D-lish scraps embellishments... flowers, doily, washi tape, pin, bottlecap etc. Love them all!!!!

Hope you are having a great week :)

Holly x

06 May 2012

New Addition to the Family

Hey there

As some of you may be aware, for Christmas my husband got me a devon rex kitten who we named Dexter. Dexter has become a very much loved and important part of our family, with his amusing traits and food obsessed nature lol The personality of the devon rex kittens is beyond anything of any other breed so he gives us so much entertainment each day, but we felt bad for him being bored during the day when we were working. We do have another cat, but she is quite an old, anti-social siamese who does not like him one bit. So in passing I kind of suggested maybe a friend would be good for him. The last thing I expected was for my husband to be totally into the idea and keen to make it happen.

So yesterday we went and adopted another Devon Rex kitty from the same breeder. He happens to be the full brother to our Dexter. The new kitty is still unnamed and is an early birthday present for Simon who will be 31 later in May.

The funniest part is that we knew Dexter had grown up a bit over the past 6 months but since bringing home this incredibly tiny new kitten, it seems he has tripled in size over night haha Just goes to show how little you notice those changes day to day until there is something to compare it to. The new kitty is small enough to pick up in one hand. He is totally adorable just like his big brother.

And the good thing is, they seem to really like each other. Dex can be a little rough with him when they play, sometimes biting at him but the kitten rarely complains and it is usually only when Dexter is pinning him to the ground that he gets cranky. But otherwise they chase each other around and Dexter was even grooming him in the bed this morning. So cute!

The new kitten has very little hair so far although he is not a nude devon rex so his hair will thicken up like Dexters did. But being so fair, he looks like a naked little koala at the moment with his brown nose.

Our siamese is most unimpressed but at least once she adjusts and stops growling and hiding under the couch, she'll probably appreciate the fact that Dexter now leaves her alone with a playmate of his own.

Hope you are all having a good weekend. It is a long one here so I might actually get some scrapbooking done.

Holly x

01 May 2012

Golden Globe Winner - From Screen to Scrap


Another quick post to let you all know some happy news. I just had a quick browse through some blog updates and discovered I am the Golden Globe winner for the April From Screen to Scrap challenge. The inspiration poster for the month was from the movie Ever After so of course the perfect time for a wedding layout. I have not participated in a challenge in such a long time so it is always exciting to be a winner. Be sure to check out the other amazing creations from April and consider joining in with the next challenge.

Thanks to Shazza and the team for the honour.

This was my entry:

Holly xo

May Sketch - A2Z Scraplets

Hi all,

New month, new challenges... here is a great one to get your creativity flowing. This month it was my turn to set the sketch at A2Z Scraplets so here it is:
 And my challenge creation... photos from a photography lesson dad and I did earlier this year. It was a great day to spend with my dad as we don't really get the chance to hang out, just the two of us much so it was fun. Hopefully we learnt something. My photography doesn't seem much better... but I do like these photos of Dad from the day.

And some other recent creations using some lovely D-lish scraps:

Have a great week everyone