02 September 2012

Father's Day, Wedding, Birthday, etc

Hey there

Hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful father's day. Below is the card I made my dad to go with his gift. It was a quick one using some scraps from the Kaisercraft Rock Pool collection.

Somewhere online a while ago I saw a card idea for father's to be for father's day and decided to do something a bit similar for my husband knowing this is his last father's day before he becomes a dad. So I made him a card stating: "You are being promoted", with a pull tab that states "To Dad". The card I saw simply stated you've been promoted but I wanted to make it a bit more interactive and I know Simon. He would have said not yet if I'd stuck with the wording of the card I saw lol

To go with the card, I also made him a Dad survival kit for fathers-to-be lol

In it I have placed the following items and included the below inside the card in case the photo above is not clear:

Dad Survival Kit for the Father-To-Be

Toothpick – To help pick the good out of all situations

Candle – For when you are burning at both ends

Pencil – To help write their wrongs

Eraser – To remind you that all parents make mistakes

Peg – For when it’s your turn to change the nappy

Matchstick – To help keep your eyes open

Dice – To remind you how unpredictable your life will be

Rubber band – To help you stay flexible

Tissue – For cleaning up their little messes

We had a mammoth weekend of celebrating a friend's wedding Saturday night then visits to both dad's on Sunday so I got to give him his card in between father's day visits. I think he really liked it so it was so worth it to make him smile!

And here is the card I made for Saturday's wedding:
It was such a wonderful wedding. So very much to suit the lovely couple and a fun night overall. But the late nights are hard on me these days sporting my 6 month bump. So as a result of the busy weekend, I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today and taking the day to rest up at home. It started with a 14 hour sleep lol

But today is also a special day. My Dexter's 1st birthday! Cannot believe our first baby is already a year old. He is currently enjoying a special treat all on his own while his brother has a snooze. And Simon and I did have a bit of fun making him a quickie party hat yesterday. He was most unimpressed lol

Look at how little he once was...
 And now all grown up and being made fun of with a party hat haha Poor baby!

Holly x

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Kerryn said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :).

I love the cards you made but I love love the idea behind the card you made for your husband. Such a sweet idea!!