26 October 2012

Nephew and Belated Anniversary


Last post I mentioned my sister had given birth to a baby boy on Saturday but at that stage we had not yet met the little guy as there were a few birth complications that had us all quite worried. Well on Sunday we had the opportunity to go meet my new nephew. What a cutie!

His name is Caiden Callum and he was 8'5', so quite a big boy. He looks so much like some of his brothers already, especially with his cute button nose. Despite his rather tricky trip into the world, both he and my sister are doing great now. In fact, they went home on the Monday to meet the rest of the family... including his 7 brothers and sisters.

 First cuddle with Gran
 Still so tiny
 Excited big sister Shannon
After a feed. The big bandage thing on his arm is to keep some monitoring thing on him due to the difficult birth but it was due to come off soon after this photo.

It was so nice having baby cuddles so soon before we have our own little bundle due to arrive. I am hoping our little girl isn't quite that big though as Caiden was about a pound bigger than any of my sisters other kids. But it was a nice chance to learn a bit more about what to expect as we actually got to visit my sister in the hospital. Normally she is home before we get that chance.

Only 6 weeks to go before our own baby is due to make an appearance. I've started washing  baby clothes to prepare.

This week was also our 2nd wedding anniversary. Although it seems both Simon and I had a baby brain moment this week and we celebrated on the 24th instead of the 23rd without realising until we started getting messages etc that made us both re-think what date our wedding was hahahah Shocking. Normally I'm good with that stuff but my brain is definitely a little hazy these days. But the good thing was we actually got to spend the 24th evening together as the 23rd, Simon was working.

The card I made

We went to dinner at Ribs and Rumps resturant in Fortitude Valley which was a nice surprise for Simon as he is a fan of their food. And he surprised me with a lovely charm for my new pandora bracelet shaped like a little pram. So sweet!

Unfortunately I have been suffering from a stomach bug this week though and it didn't hit in force until 4am yesterday morning when I woke with horrible cold shivers. Yesterday was my worst day and I seem to be on the mend today but spend the day at home to recover. I went to the GP too as my appointment was next week so I brought it forward. The doctor was not worried about the bug and did all the usual baby checks to find that baby is facing downward and all is looking perfect so far!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Holly x

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Lizzyc said...

I am so happy your new little nephew is dong well and it wont be long until you meet your new bub too! take care!