06 January 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2014


Can you believe it is 2014 already. Wow! I am a little stunned by how fast 2013 went but little wonder with it being our first full year as parents. And what a wonderful year it was. I can't imagine a year will ever be quite that good... but I hope I am wrong about that.

So my goals for this year have a big focus on simplifying. While I do not do the one word each year project, Simplify would be my word. I plan to declutter, organise and downsize my 'stuff' as I am a bit of a hoarder and am quite messy. This was my goal last year and I did make a nice start but got a bit distracted by motherhood, returning to work, starting a business, being creative... you know how it goes!

I have started on my goal too. I started re-cleaning out my wardrobe. I only did this last year but I still have way too many clothes I never wear so this time I got a little stricter and I've only done the WIR so far. Yet to go through the drawers and spare cupboard but its a start. I really don't need 10 of everything. And in saying that.. I just purchased 2 new pairs of swimmers that I really didn't need :-/ Oops! But did put down a $2 t-shirt yesterday because it was cheap... but I have plenty that work just a well haha

So to kick 2014 off with my new simple plan, I have also decided to do my 2014 project life as a digital album. I am excited about this and have already started with my title page and half of my week 1 spread done. I will still be scrapping and doing some physical PL, since I still have about a month of 2013 to finish plus a lot more baby album to finish. You will see these progressing along the way on the Scrapbook Creations blog as part of their PL team for 2014 :-D And you will still see my traditional scrapping with Scrapmatts for another year.

Anyway, wishing you all a wonderful 2014

Holly x

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Lauren Tomecek said...

Simplify sounds like such a good plan. I always fail dismally at it, hope you have better luck.

Love the look of the page on display in this post.