14 September 2011

Long Time, No Post

Hi Everyone,
This has been the longest I have gone without a blog post since my blog started... oops. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by lately and I apologise for my absence. Its been a bit of a crazy time for me lately so my creating has slowed a little... but not much. I have a lot to share very soon, including my latest kit creations for Wicked Princesses in the next week.

Some of you may be aware that I am a psychologist. I am employed in a male high security correctional facility and have been there for more than 4 years... actually it was my first official psych job. Well due to lots of staff moving on to different career opportunities, I recently became the senior psychologist at the centre (Whoa... pressure!!!) so things have been insane. Our current situation is still a bit crazy with staff issues. The main reason for this is that the centre is soon closing down and we are instead taking over a brand new, state of the art prison about 50 minutes further west. Ick! So my 10 minute drive becomes a 50 minute drive to work soon... depressing. But what this means is a lot of staff leaving due to this not being suitable for them and there have also been personality challenges with new team members and at the moment I am a couple of days away from being the only psych in an almost 500 person centre. Eeeek! So that's a bit of an example of the crazy life I'm leading at the moment. But it's a really great opportunity and despite the high stress at the moment, I am loving the role. I'm so much busier and the days fly by. A lot more opportunity to do new things and develop existing things. Its also very flattering to make it to senior psychologist status at the age of 28. Not something I expected. I now have the role of mentoring and training probationary psychologists when it was not so long ago I was one.

Things should start to settle down soon so I'll be back up and scrapping like mad in no time! I did buy a stack of new gadgets from a craft expo in Brisbane on the weekend. Some fab Martha Stewart punches, some new nesting dies and other odds and ends. Lots of chipboard. I'm a little obsessed with chipboard. 

See you all with updates again soon.

Holly xo


Jasmine S said...

Wow, that all sounds really full on. But you sound like you are wonderful at your job.
I hope it all slows down a bit for you soon.
Take care.

Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Hey Holly!!
You have been a busy Bee...
Congrats on senior psychologist Position......
Hope to See you & your Creations again REAL soon!!!!!!!!! xx