18 December 2011

Christmas Came Early For Me

Hello everyone,

I have had a most wonderful day, picking up my christmas present from my husband. He knew I always wanted a Devon Rex cat so after the recent loss of my beloved Felix, he decided he would get me one for Christmas.

Our new family member is a little boy and is as yet unnamed... so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. Isn't he adorable? The second kitty in this photo... with much less fuzz is his brother... who my naughty sister decided to adopt. So they are both causing havoc in my spare bedroom for now until we can slowly introduce him to our Siamese Villain... who is already very unimpressed. But she has been calling out for her departed companion so hopefully in time they will be friends.

Holly xo


Dale Tiernan said...

Hi Holly. You lucky girl. Let me know how you go with him. My son is allergic to cats and apparently the only kind he would be OK with is a D Rex.
How about Hunter?

Rachael Funnell said...

Enjoy your new addition!!!
Wishing you & your Hubby a Very Merry Christmas & a HAPPY new year....

Jasmine S said...

Wonderful present Holly. He is super cute, as his brother.
And as for names, I was just at the vet this morning with my pooch who was stung by a bee and a lady there had a dog whose name escapes me but it was super cool. Wish I could remember....if I do I will come back to you.

Lizzyc said...

Hi Holly... oh he is gorgeous.. and i am not sure of a name.. i would have to see what his personality is like!! enjoy him.. they bring us lots of love.. have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2012..xxx