18 January 2012

Declutter 52 Steps Challenge

Yep, another blog post. I'm doing well this week but trrying to get some early 2012 motivation since January is already getting away on me. I saw a great challenge inspiration on FB yesterday and went to check out the blog... 52 step decluttering challenge. Some of you may remember that one of my main goals for 2012 is exactly that... to declutter! So this sounds perfect for me.

You can find the first post here.

So first things first... what are my 2012 organising goals:

1st step to decluttering is creating goals for yourself so... what are my 2012 goals:
  1. To declutter my house
  2. To keep organised with my scrapbook committments
  3. To completely re-organise my scrapbook room/office
  4. To get rid of unwanted items on ebay, giveaway or bin them
  5. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and get my body pregnancy ready
  6. To do all my christmas and birthday shopping earlier this year
  7. To have a supply of hand made cards ready to go so I don't have to make them at the last minute all the time
  8. To get on top of debts, save money and splurge on an overseas holiday
So these goals are fairly similar to my resolution based post, but a few extras and more specific ones added in. Now to start the actual decluttering process... well... when I get my new office shelf I will start haha That sounds terrible but at least I'll have a plan in my head as the office is my problem room.

Actually, I have already made a couple of big declutter changes in the past couple of weeks, finally getting rid of an old single bed and dresser set on ebay. So easy... and far quicker than  the trading post online option I was trying. I had been wanting to get rid of those items for about 2 years.

Declutter tasks on my list so far:

Clean out wardrobe
Sell spare wedding dress
Sell spare formal dress
Sell king single bed
Sell bookshelves in office
Set up new shelving units in office
Sort books for keep, sale or giveaway
Dispose of old magazines
Purchase another scrapbook paper rack
Organise ribbons & flowers in scrapbooking room
Sell mini net book
Move band equiptment to garage
Move suitcases to garage
Sort storage drums in garage
Dispose of broken or unwanted items in garage
Give unwanted scrapbooking supplies to mum or someone else
Clean out pantry
Sort our laundry pile in spare room
Sort stuff in spare cupboards
Giveaway unwanted board games
Sell or giveaway unwanted console/computer games
Create better storage for christmas decorations
Give back mum & dad's push mower and storage box from garage

Okay, so that is a pretty big and very specific sounding list of tasks I have already planned for 2012. At least by keeping them that specific and putting them in the blog world for all to see, it may actually keep me on track.

Do you have plans to declutter  in 2012? Post a comment and tell me how you plan to go about it.

Holly x


Lizzyc said...

Hi Holly, the list is really good.. i have been decluttering my house for a while now, just doing it slowly.. each week i try to have a bog of stuff, either for the bin or for charity or to give away to others..when it happens slowly i just dont miss anything.. if i dont use it i wont miss it... except for the precious keepsakes i have of course!! well done, i hope it all happens for you!

Josie Dean said...

sounds like another great site to visit! thanks xx