26 January 2012

Declutter Progress

Hey everyone

To those of you in Australia, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!! Hope you have all had a wonderful day. As its a public holiday here, I spent the day at home as my husband is away, so I started getting into the disaster that is my house as part of my declutter resolution. Now as embarrassing as this is, I thought it might be a good motivator to share exactly what I'm working with. So make sure you're sitting down because it's pretty shocking!

I have always been a terrible hoarder and a pretty messy sort of person. So since I started scrapbooking, this is how my office has ended up:

 Yep there is a desk somewhere under there haha
 Piles of pizza boxes, messy looking book shelves...
 My converted TV unit/cuttlebug station and more piles of pizza boxes and bits and pieces
And that hideous pile of crap behind the door and my handbags on the door lol

So this is the room that I want to convert into a crafters paradise... but with a limited budget due to our current life situation so as much as I want to go out and splurge on an entire IKEA home office organisation station, I have to do it a bit more gradually and cost efficiently. But this is the room at its worst... I have already cleaned a tiny bit of room since this photo this morning :)

There is another room in my house that I have plans for too but I'll share that horror room on another day. I promise you my entire house does not look like this. Just a couple of rooms that I can hide away by shutting the doors haha

Have a great day everyone

Holly x


Josie Dean said...

Isn't this what most craft rooms look like???

JULIANA said...

I hope your scrappy room reno goes well! Can't wait to see the new look!

Lizzyc said...

Hi Holly.. well i am sure as you do it bit by bit it will come along nicely,, and i am sure you will find some hidden treasures you forgot you had as well!! all the best with this..i look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Maggie Armstrong said...

Take comfort in the fact that it took me from 9.00am till 5.00pm yesterday to clear up my craft room!!!! You are not alone!!!! A messy craft room is the sign of a dedicated crafter!

Sandie Edwards said...

This is way cool, thanks for sharing! Whenever I clean up my mess Holly, I can 'never' find anything and it drives me nuts!
Pine boards, with old bricks that are vanished (bricks also) make VERY interesting and fantastic shelving units. You can add as many bricks as you wish for height between shelves, etc. etc.