26 February 2012

Scrap Room Progress

Hi all

So many of you may know one of my new year resolutions was to get my scrapbook organised.. well my whole house actually. Its been slow going with all that's happened lately but it's coming along nicely.

For my birthday my parents got me an expedit shelf unit from Ikea which has formed a large part of my reorganisation. I love it but geez it was painful to put together. I kind of want one in every room now haha



So as you can see, still a long way to go but that is so much better than it was... trust me. I know many of you will still probably cringe at the site but I'm loving a big clear space on the floor where I never used to be able to walk. So a lot of it is now shoved under the desk or on the other side of the room but I'm getting there.

There is another room in the house that's getting a big bit of a make over. It was a spare bedroom/music instrument storage room... but it will one day hopefully have the special purpose of a baby nursary. Despite our recent loss, I am staying on track with the revamp of this room which is now a fair bit emptier than it was in these pictures:

The bed was sold, the instruments are in another room and the clothes pile has mostly been put away finally lol So now there are some baby items starting to fill the room instead.

So all is going slowly but forwards in my declutter process. More updates to come once I get on top of it all again.

And yes, I'll have some scrappy shares soon. Time to go do some scrapping



Lizzyc said...

it is lookin good!!

Josie Dean said...

Your doing so well! Can't wait to see it all finished!!

Leonie said...

It's Getting there, keep up with the good work. I did my scrap room a couple of years ago. It's so worth it in the end. :)