14 April 2012

Scrapbook Awards Entry

Hi all

I'm having a relatively quiet day at home, enjoying a bit of catch up browsing blogs and other online galleries. And, I managed to scrap 3 layouts yesterday too which is great as its been a bit of a crazy time for me lately. Hopefully I'll get a few more done this weekend.

I decided to enter into the Scrapbook Awards current contest since I am still amazed I won one earlier in the year. Would love for you to vote for me:


This is a layout I love simply because I rarely use such bright colours. It was a DT layout for Scrapbooking Haven. Still sad Haven had to close as I'm yet to find a new store I love as much online. Probably good for my finances ;-)

Hoping to photograph and share some of my latest creations soon... its a bit gloomy here at the moment so waiting for the sunshine to re-emerge. Would love to hear what everyone else has planned this weekend so leave a comment and let me know :)

Holly x


Rachael Funnell said...

OH! This is GORGEOUS Holly...
I agree love the bright colors....
you got 3 layouts done & did some blog hopping AWESOME!!
Have a Lovely Sunday!
I'm working all weekend! Would SO rather be scrappin thou.... LOL!

Lizzyc said...

Hi Holly, a lovely layout and yes the colors are beautiful.. my weekend has just flown by, my sister and I took off on friday afternoon and spent one night at caloundra.. there has been a lot of stuff going on and it was nice to get to sit on the beach and forget the troubles for a little while..and today has just gone by quickly.. I hope your weekend was enjoyable!! and well done on your win!!