24 June 2012

A Room Fit For a Prince or Princess...


So even though there is around 5.5 months to go before we get to meet our little bub, tonight I started contemplating the nursery. Up until recently, the room has been a second spare room/musical instrument storage/ junk room. Right now there is barely any floor available to walk on. Hard to imagine it will one day accommodate a little person.

We are about 3 weeks away from our next scan, which will hopefully tell us whether to expect a baby boy or girl. Up until recently I never would have dreamed of finding out, but my husband wanted to and thinking it through, it seems like a good idea for the first one at least, so you can at least plan everything to suit. So we will be finding out.

And that leaves us with what could potentially be a problem. The room we plan to use as the nursery has previously been a nursery... to a boy. It has two tone blue and white walls with a wooden panel around the middle. It looks great... but it is hard to imagine a blue nursery and a baby girl.

Here is the current nursery situation (don't judge me... lol). The photos are a bit dodgy as I took them at night without natural light:
 Musical instruments, a basinent, lots of baby related purchases in the corner, other random junk.
 In fact there is even a spare wedding and formal type dress in that pile that I never used. Really need to get those things on ebay.
 Simon's band crap.
 OMG even the cupboard is full of crap haha Christmas decorations, band stuff, electronics, wrapping paper.

Of course the first step will be to empty the room and dispose of everything that is not needed and store the rest elsewhere. Plenty to keep me busy if I didn't have to work... But in relation to the blue nursery and potential daughter, I needed some inspiration. So tonight I went to my favourite place for inspiration... Pinterest.

Here are some awesome nursery ideas:

Plenty of inspiration that works for both boys and girls. And I think we have decided to go with dark stain nursery furniture now too like in the photos with the two tone rooms, since I now realise the white cot and dresser would kind of disappear against the white wall at the bottom if we did that. But it's  not too late to change my mind on that. But a wall decal and a splash on pink will certainly transform our blue nursery into a room fit for a princess if need be. Although I kinda want to add a chandelear now.. not that I can spell the word haha It'll be the fanciest room in the house come December perhaps!

What do you think?

Anyway, wish me luck. There is a big job ahead of me getting the nursery from the mess at the start to something stylish and functional. Stay tuned for updates :)

Holly x


Rachael Funnell said...

OH! So many exciting times ahead for you both.... good luck with the transformation!! The Pinfest pictures are very Inspiring...

Sandie Edwards said...

They are all lovely!! Go with what you like... I'm sure you'll find a lot of inspiration around the net, with some fantastic ideas.
Had a chuckle at the 'stash' in your room....

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Gorgeous photos! I love that tree branch mural above the cot!!! Soooo lovely!!!!! :D

Lizzyc said...

Oh this is all so exciting for you.. I am sure once all the stuff is out of the room you will get a better feel for the design.. and I am sure you will find something to decorate your room with so many choices out there to look at.. Have fun!!

Josie Dean said...

I think the blue will work nicely for a girl! Have heaps of fun!!