21 July 2012

Nursery Progress

Hi all

So I am officially half way through my pregnancy and feeling so much better than that horrid first trimester. I still get tired pretty easy and eat like a horse haha But otherwise the nesting instinct has kicked in.

My nursery now has some lovely furniture in it and now that we know we are having a baby girl, I have started with converting my blue nursery into something pretty and feminine. Here is where we are at so far:

 The cot
 The dresser/change table
Wall decals

There is also a glider rocking chair with matching ottoman that is in a similar colouring to the furniture. And I am proud to say I built the furniture all myself from flat pack. Yes... it took forever... but I managed lol!

It's come a long way from the junk room this once was, but still a long way to go. Lucky I have another 20 weeks approximately to get it perfect. Oh... and the rest of the house that suffered as a result of emptying the room out. So much fun though.

Hopefully tonight I'll actually get some scrapbooking done for a change. Hubby is out so I need something fun to do in his absence.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend

Holly xo


Lizzyc said...

OOO it is looking good, take care!

Josie Dean said...

It's going to be a beautiful room!