02 December 2012

December Daily & Other Projects


How are you all enjoying your weekend? It's another hot one here but that's to be expected now that summer has actually arrived. And I'm feeling every bit of it at almost 40 weeks pregnant. But I do still love summer.

Very sore and achy today. I think the baby is definitely moving into position but who knows how long til the big arrival. I am keen to get things moving today and had a bit of a laugh at some videos on youtube of women trying to induce labour through dancing. Unfortunately with my pelvic girdle pain/SPD, walking or stair climbing and all those type of things are a wee bit too painful, but lets hope the wait isn't too much longer. For now though, here is a funny video of a 40 week pregnany woman trying to induce labour with some vanilla ice dance moves:

At least I've had plenty of time to do scrapping over the past few days in my attempts to take it easy. My December daily is up to date so far, since I started it a week ago when the tree went up. Here are my completed pages so far:

November 25th and onwards

With the journalling insert flipped over:
1st Dec - Journalling in a handmade envelope:
And as per my post last week, my first toilet paper roll mini album is almost done. All it needs is photos, journalling and a few embellishments once our baby arrives and its ready to go to its intended recipient as an extra christmas present. Lets hope she doesn't read my blog posts. If so... mum... stop reading now or you'll ruin the surprise.
I am also making a boy themed one featuring my new nephew but have run out of toilet rolls for now. But I've already cut out all the tags and pp to do it so it'll come together quickly once we get a couple more spare rolls.

Could not be happier with the way the one above has turned out so far though. I will post some better pics once they are both completed but it is looking incredibly sweet and with a collection I love, Authentique Uncommon. So perfect for little girls!

Anyway, I think its time to go do some more scrapping in case things really do happen soon with bubs. I'm hoping all these aches and pains are a sign that we are near. Will keep you all posted.

Holly x


Sandy Ang said...

what a fun mini-book !

Alanna said...

Loved that video! I don't think I could summon the energy to do that, let alone when I'm 40 weeks pregnant!!!

Thanks for sharing :) Loving your DD as well!

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous work!! All the best for the exciting days ahead :).

Sandie Edwards said...

What a magnificent keepsake Holly!!!