22 May 2013

Busy re-organising

Just wanted to pop in & say I'm still around despite the lack of blog posts. I have been super busy but not so much creating this past fortnight.

Instead my focus has been on having a mega clean out & trying to correct my hoarding ways. I am having a general house clean out as I'm finally sick of clutter. Less stuff means less effort to keep it neat which I will appreciate when Lily starts moving.

But then there's the other big job. Sorting the craft room. Oh the fun! This task I've started & not gotten far several times in the past 18 months but this time is going well. Culling unwanted supplies, finding storage solutions... And uncovering the carpet that hasn't seen light for a while. 

It gets worse before it gets better. Last night I started sorting the boxes of embellishments I have & hubby said it looked no different compared to when he went to work haha it did though. Still a way to go but I'm making good progress.

But I'm a bit behind on Project life now. Will hopefully finish week 19 tonight & get onto week 20. 

Here's a sneak: 

And the mess I started with last night:

And a strange hoarding of d-lish scraps packaging :-/  

Oops! Haha it was all just mixed in with my stash. 

And of course, here's Lily:

Holly x

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Alanna said...

Can't see any of the piccies :(