14 May 2013

Some Digi Project Life and To Do List


Hope all you mother's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday. Mine was spent with my extended family which is always a nice thing. Although hectic... as my sis has 8 kids so even though we only got to have 6 of them there, it still makes for a crazy, busy day.

And today, my beautiful girl got to have her first solids. We made her up some runny Farex rice cereal and she did very well. A bit of a sloppy face and some slightly funny expressions but nothing too drastic. She is 5 and a half months and we decided she might be ready and it looks to be the case. Exciting but scary as it means she's growing up way too fast. So amazing how quick it does happen.

Just wanted to share a couple of recent digi project life spreads while I think of it. These ones are from Lily's digital version baby album which I am changing my colour scheme and layout as I go so yes, I do need to go back and fix those backgrounds:

Now onto something a bit different. Fellow creator and blogger, Caz has started doing a To Do list on her blog to keep her on track and I know what a procrastinator I am so I thought it might be a good idea for me to try. Anything to make me a little more accountable. You can visit Caz's latest post here.

So in no particular order or date specific order, here are some things I'd like to achieve this week and I will check them off through the week:

Photograph stuff to sell
List stuff online to sell
Finish week 19 PL
Finish baby PL pages for last week
Pack for weekend away
Change spare bed linen
Find Simon a birthday present
Follow up with work about returning
Back up digital scrap elements
Cancel EzyFlicks subscription
Create digital kit contact sheets
Trip to ikea for Raskog cart
Buy baby bullet food processor

Hmmm... its a start. There are a million other things I should do but with my husbands birthday and a weekend away coming up, I'll go easy. The worst part is I'm meant to return to work in 3 weeks so time is running low.

Have a great week

Holly x


Caroline said...

WOW solids huh! they sure do grow up fast and i love your layouts, she is just adorable.

Love your To Do list, you have heaps to get through girl, Look forward to seeing what you accomplish :)

Alanna said...

Nice list! I've got a ridiculous list as well, not just scrapping but everything really. Catching up on blogs was on it - getting there!