14 July 2013

Creative Space Week at Polly!


So we had a few weeks warning that the Polly! Team would be sharing our creative spaces on the blog. I started well on my path to achieving a clean room. I destashed a little & disposed of a little more. Then I got busy & the process sorta stopped. I have been on this journey for an organised space for a year or more. And I will keep at it until it is finally done. But for now, it is still a work in progress and you get to see it in its current state of mess.  

Oh yes, that really is a desk under there. Quite a big one. But I have always been skilled at burying desks under piles of stuff. I am quite skilled at the art of stacking pizza boxes & other various items ;)

Here is my raskog cart which I got about 2 months ago. As I am a traditional scrapper as well as PL, I love it for storing all my paints/mists etc in the bottom shelf. Shelf 2 is 2 core kit boxes & lots of alphas. The top holds my thickers, washi tape & gadgets like my dymo labellers. And a few containers on the side holding tools, etc & of course some lovely wood veneer.

Then the neatest part of the room (yes, I can hear you laugh from here). My expedit. This actually was neater before destashing but I got rid of a few things that looked nice in the shelves & shoved some random stuff in there instead lol I keep buttons & twine in ikea jars. The middle baskets are card making supplies in one & embossing stuff in the other. The four bottom boxes are flowers, paper scraps, chipboard & random stuff. 

I also have some plastic drawers holding various supplies hidden behind the door, under the pizza box stack.

The 3 stack paper rack is one of my best purchases though, with papers sorted by manufacturer.

In another corner of the room is a repurposed tv unit holding albums, magazines, OTPs & random mess. You don't need to see that corner or the one at the end of the desk LOL

I am extremely lucky to have a good sized room dedicated to my Scrapbooking but it hasn't stopped me taking over other rooms. That is the motivation for my clean up though. With a baby almost on the move, time to stick to one room. 

Hopefully I have made all of you who think your room is messy feel a whole lot better ;)

Enjoy the week.

Holly xo


Rachael Funnell said...

If it works for you then so be it I say... I too gave my scrapping room a bit of a make over & now love it! A little more organized!! must share my before & after photos soon....

Ruth said...

Love how real you are in the photos, Holly, it is entirely and completely awesome!

Kristal said...

I always love seeing your desk, a crafter I can relate too hahaha <3