07 October 2013

Starting to Catch Up

Since I discovered project in January, I have wanted to go back and Project Life style record everything. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day to do every album I want to do, but I have made a start on quite a few, including 2012 yearly album.

Unfortunately 2012 started with an extreme high before turning into an extreme low with some personal tragedy. October is the month of pregnancy and infant loss, so I suppose it is fitting I start to share these pages in October as that is the tragedy that we faced in February 2012. However in April 2012 we were back on a tentative high with news of expecting again.

Although I am creating this album well aware of what happened, I wanted to record it as if it were happening rather than in retrospect so I have documented the first pregnancy step by step like I would if it were happening now instead. The sad stuff is something I have started but put on hold again for a bit but I will tackle those pages too.

Here are a few of the pages so far:

I did not take nearly as many photographs back in 2012 and before compared to now. That's what PL does to you. Suddenly you photograph everything in site.... just in case! So instead of doing a weekly 2012 album, it is more event based.

 I am pretty amazed in such a short time how much more advanced my digital skills are compared to these pages. Actually, its probably more my improved photography skills. Things have gone a long way... since that photography lesson and just in general.

Materials: Becky Higgins project life templates, Jade digital edition; other: free elements.

Thanks for popping by!

Holly x

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