26 August 2011


Yep... you read right. If you pop on over to Wicked Princesses and sign up to chat at the forum, you could be the lucky winner of a free Wicked Princesses scrapbooking kit.

Here is what Krissy wrote in the newsletter today:

Want to win a free kit? Id love to see lots of chatter on the forum when I come back from my break so why not come on over to the forum and have a bit of a chat to be in the running to win a FREE kit! All you need to do is register on the forum tomorrow with your name and post count then chat chat chat away for the week that I am and when I get back the princess with the most posts during that time will win a free kit :) Easy peasy :)

Got to be in it to win it and there is also a cybercrop next weekend for extra fun. So what are you waiting for... head on over and start chatting now!

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