15 August 2011

Wedding Frame

Hi everyone,
I just got back from a trip to Auckland yesterday so haven't been home to do much scrapping or sharing in the past week. Most of my scrapping has been for DT committments too, however I have just posted up my latest altered project over at Altered Project Inc, which you can find here.

Here is a photo of the finished item:
 And some close ups.

The frame was created for my mother in laws birthday last week. She loved it but it was a bit annoying when DH said 'Here is something Holly just whipped up for you', like it took me 5 minutes. Men! Pfft LOL It was the only gift she got from any of the family that day so she definitely appreciated it. Oh and it did not help that she had to cook half her birthday dinner and then her husband accident spilt his beer all over her plate mid dinner. Thankfully after a few seconds of smoke coming out her ears, we were all able to laugh at the rediculous situation. Got to love dinner with the in laws!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week :-)


Jasmine S said...

Nothing like in-laws I agree. I am pretty lucky I must admit but still, there are those moments....
Now that frame is just magnificent. And no, I can tell it certainly didn't take 5 mins. And your photos are just beautiful.

Rachael Funnell said...

Just truly Gorgeous Holly!!
Love your Frame...
LOL! that's Men for you...
But yet we still love them.... xx

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