03 August 2011

Fur Friends

This is my layout as guest designer at From Screen to Scrap this month. I had a certain idea in mind with this one, but it did not turn out anything like I wanted. We all have those days I suppose when a creation is just not what you hoped. Ahh well... at least I managed to scrap a picture of my other cat for the first time. They are both getting kind of old so I wanted to make sure I had layouts featuring each of them before ... well I'm sure you can guess why. Our cats are like family and have been with me since I was a teenager. Felix (the furball) is 15 this year and Villain (the siamese) is 13, so they aren't exactly kittens anymore.

They both have their quirks.

Felix is not an overly social cat. She won't sit on a person but is ok being picked up and cuddled. She will sit near you...and purrs at everything. She is also the guts and the boss in the house. She eats everything yet she is so skinny. Always has been. Yes, the fur is misleading.

Villain is a people lover. She prefers to sit on you, no matter if its the middle of summer. She is like a baby really and we do treat her much that way. She also knows that Felix is boss and sometimes I wonder if she even gets to eat much dinner... despite being extremely round. She still chases her own tail even at her old age of 13 lol


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your fur kids story Holly.
Sweet layout of them.

Roxy said...

I love how your LO turned out!!! Especially the sheet music and the folded bit! Really pretty, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Roxy.

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