10 November 2011

Employee of the Month

Hi Everyone,
As some of you may be aware from my previous post or those of you who are my FB friends, I have been through a very traumatic time at work recently along with being excessively short staffed and over worked. Never known burn out to this extreme and each day has been an upward battle to keep on top of the ever increasing workload.

I work in a male high security correctional centre as a psychologist. Recently promoted to senior psychologist, which is a pretty amazing achievement at 28. A bit of luck and the fact that I am good at my job, reliable and all that.

Unfortunately I cannot discuss the incident, however it was a real blow to confidence in an already challenging time. There were moments of self doubt that overall I know were not warranted because I am good at my job and did everything well. Its just one of those unlucky things when working in a high risk line of work that you can be the best at your job and even then it isn't always enough.

Well today I had a nice little bit of a boost. I received the employee of the month award at our staff meeting. It means a certificate presented in front of all rostered staff, a $250 gift voucher and a parking space up next to the senior managers. So its a nice little bit of an incentive. I was nominated by my manager and the director for putting together a training package for staff a while ago but one of my lovely new staff nominated me again after the major incident due to my hard work. It was such a nice feeling and all the lovely comments on my facebook page from work friends and other friends and family has been extra special just hearing the appreciation. All exactly what I needed right now.

So I just wanted to share my happy news! Something small but with a big impact after such a low, stressful period!

Hope you are all well xo


Jasmine S said...

Congratulations. Sounds like you certainly deserved it and yes, it is great to get a boost like that. It keeps you going. Well done.

Monica said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like you needed a little pick me up. I'm sorry to hear that you have been so stressed out...I hope things settle down for you soon.