13 November 2012

23 Days...


I have been a slack blogger. Oops! It doesn't mean I haven't been creating anything, because I have. Not a lot, but a few bits and pieces. A DT project for Designer Scrapbooking which I can hopefully share soon and I have started on my christmas cards.

There are only 23 days left until our baby is due so that countdown is getting a little scary. Scary mostly in the way that there is sooooooo much I want to do before she enters the world but as I haven't yet finished work, my time is limited on a lot of those tasks until next week. So Friday is my last day of work for 7 months. Hard to imagine! A lot to finalise there too and I feel bad leaving my team but they will be in good hands I hope...

My focus will then become my house. It is still quite a disaster and I had planned to completely declutter and organise it before the baby arrived but at this rate, I don't think it'll be quite where I wanted it to be. But I am doing little things where I can like listing a few unwanted things online since I'm too lazy to organise a garage sale. And I have been cleaning out different areas when I get a burst of energy, such as the linen press last weekend and the ensuite cupboard this week. Small steps are better than nothing! But come Monday... or maybe even Sunday, it will be full operation house organisation time! LOL

At least on the weekend we got to have more cuddles with my adorable nephew Caiden who is just over 3 weeks now. Uncle Simon finally got to meet him and had a chance to get in some baby holding practice before our own arrives lol Very cute!

So just to prove I have been doing some creating in between working and preparing myself mentally for motherhood, here are some pics of some christmas cards I did last night. I am shocking with the fact that cards can sometimes take me hours because I over think them. This time I went with the KISS method... Keep it simple stupid... because it's the only way I am going to get the stack of christmas cards I want to finish done before bubs arrives.


Anyway... time to make some more cards. I have another couple in progress tonight so that should make it a total of 6 cards in two nights at least. Woot!

Holly x

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Alanna said...

Eeeek exciting times!! :) :) Wishing you all the best for these last few weeks... hope they go quickly and the weather isn't treating you too badly up there.

Can't wait to "meet" your precious little bundle through photos :)

PS. Can you email me your address so I can send you a card when the bub arrives? :)