29 November 2012

Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls...

Hey there

I've done a bit of creating the past few days, but unfortunately most of it is DT work so I can't even share just yet. Otherwise, its been all about christmas cards. I have made close to 30 now so am pretty happy with my efforts. I will share some photos sometime soon of the latest few I've done.

On Monday I had my weekly doctors appointment due to being in the late stage of pregnancy. It seems my perfect blood pressure is no longer travelling so great and the doctor told me it was borderline at this stage and I would have to closely monitor for any headaches, excessive swelling (I've already had cankles for weeks...) and other feelings of unwellness just in case it rises further. So with that news, I have actually taken it pretty easy this week for a change. That means there are lots of pre-baby tasks I haven't done that I would like to do before bubs arrives but I guess some can wait til after. Or never... lol

I am 39 weeks today so it really could be any time, but I think I have a good chance of going over my due date as bubs is still fairly high. Although I don't really have much say in these things so we'll see.

Instead I have been spending some time today being inspired by my favourite website... Pinterest and even a bit of Youtube today. Ages ago I saw this totally gorgeous mini album on Pinterest by Emily Lanham on the Authentique DT:

And I was fascinated to learn the album was made from toilet paper rolls. Since this time I have hoarded a few rolls here and there, with a plan to one day make my own TP mini. That day has yet to come but today I am feeling inspired so have been looking online for tutorials and inspiration for a TP mini.
Here are some that I found:

Love love love this one. So much detail and such a gorgeous colour scheme!
And this one is a great tutorial for making the mini albums.
So now I just have to sit down and start creating! I am off to dinner tonight with my team from work as a pre-baby get together since we didn't get to have a seperate team one before I finished work. It will be nice to catch up with most of them tonight and see how they are going almost 2 weeks without me lol Hopefully all is going smoothly. However as I'm sort of in night mode now to try and fit in with my hubby's work hours, I might get a chance to get into my first TP mini tonight hopefully.
Oh and this might sound amusing to those of you who are tool vetrans, but I finally got myself a Crop-a-dile this week. OMG... how did I survive without one! I had been trying to manually do holes for my minis all this time but the ease of this tool is fabulous! So mini albums here I come...
Would love to see your own take on a TP mini. If you end up making one or if you have previously made one, link it in my comments so I can come have a look and stay tuned for my own first attempt :)
Holly x


Alanna said...

Aaaah how exciting :) Hope you find time in your to-do list to relax and take it easy before your little princess arrives! Will be thinking of you!! Good luck!! :)

Jasmine S said...

What an awesome idea with the toilet rolls. We really can use anything to scrap can't we. Love the mini album.
And a big GOOD LUCK with the almost arrival of your bubby girl. I cannot wait to read on FB when she arrives. Enjoy every moment, even the painful ones. xx

Lizzyc said...

All the best Holly for the new arrival!!

Gail L said...

Well . . I've never thought of using them to create a mini! And don't worry, I haven't got a crop-o-dile yet so you're not the last! Thanks for visiting my blog xx

Sandie Edwards said...

Love what you have done with the toilet rolls and recycling them. Cannot wait to hear your baby news... x