19 November 2012

Maternity Leave & Christmas Cards

Hey there

So on Friday I officially finished work. Hard to imagine walking out the door that day was my last day for around 7 months. Not to say my next 7 months will be easy but it's a nice thought to know no 40 minute drive each way and no Mondayitis! I will miss my team during this time but will be sure to keep in touch to see how they are all going.

I did get quite spoilt on my last day too. A BBQ, cake and some lovely pressies. It was a really nice day... other than the extreme fluid retention giving me the cankles from hell haha

So I'm down to the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and yes, it has finally started to get a little uncomfortable. A lot actually. The fluid retention has been going on for a few days and is especially bad on really hot days. So I no longer have normal ankles. Or feet. Or legs for that matter. Maybe all over is a little bit swollen. Freaky. But ice packs are my friend. Then Saturday I woke up with horrible aches and pains down my back and side. This progressed to complete hell by Sunday. I think I have something called pelvic girdle pain which has symptoms pretty much like sciatica nerve pain. And anyone who has had that would know how painful it is. It means I am pretty much hobbling around in pain at the moment and putting weight onto my left leg can be agony at times. Oh the joy!

But on a positive note, I have managed to get a nice start on my christmas cards. Here are some pics of their progress.

Sorry for such horrendous photos. I took these indoors, at night under unnatural light as I knew I'd have no time to photograph them the next morning as it was my last day of work and half these cards were made for my team and other co-workers.

I have got another crafty project in progress that I cannot reveal the details about for quite some time. Lets just say it's going to be a very exciting secret to reveal once the time comes :)

Hmm... now I think I might finish cleaning out the junk corner from my bedroom. Gotta love the nesting instinct... since its almost midnight!

Holly xo


Rachael Funnell said...

I got swollen ankles once I gave birth to both of mine... sorry to hear about the pain your experiencing!!
OH! MY! your Cards are FAN FAB U LAS....
Wishing you all the VERY best with your little girl's arrival... x

Lizzyc said...

Oh I do hope you get to rest now and await your dear babys birth.. lovely cards, take care of yourself..

Leanne said...

Such gorgeous cards!! And so organised too! LOL! Enjoy your maternity leave..x :)