13 January 2013

Project Life

Hey there everyone,

For months I've been seeing more and more project life theme posts online, on blogs, pinterest and everywhere. I had a bit of an idea what it was but had not looked too closely, thinking there was no real fun in scrapbooking minus all the embellishing. However, this year I decided to try the photo of a day challenge which I have been doing on instagram. Although I am using a daily prompt, I am focusing my 365 day challenge on Lily with all my photo themes somehow involving her. I thought it would be amazing to see how she changes over a year.

With a daily photo, suddenly the idea of Project Life was very appealing. So in a space of an hour, I have decided I want to give Project Life a go and have ordered a whole heap of essential items to get going. The stocklist for Becky Higgins Project Life products is a NZ scrap store so hopefully everything arrives relatively soon. The best part... free postage... although that was maybe because of how much I spent haha Oops!

They have a baby core kit with cards/cardstock focused around a baby and there is an awesome video on the Becky Higgins site showcasing a baby themed Project Life album. Very cool.

One regret I do have now, not that I was in any condition to really think about it at the time though, was having more photographs to record the day Lily arrived. A couple of times during my long labour I thought a final belly photo would be good, but was probably overwhelmed by a contraction. We also took no photos in the birth suite until we were finally alone with our new arrival and about to head to the ward. I should maybe have annoyed Simon to take a few photos along the way lol Oh well... those memories will have to remain captured in journalling instead of photos!

At least it means I don't have to scrap every single great photo of Lily that occurs otherwise my house may not have enough room to hold all the layouts haha

And before I go... here are a couple of my photo a day pics so far this year:

So sad that tomorrow Simon goes back to work after having the whole time off since Lily's arrival. I guess I'll have to busy my arvo/nights with scrap time when Lily is sleeping as I won't have his company every evening.

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Holly x


Lizzyc said...

Oh beautiful photos, I hope Lily is settling in well!!

Kat said...

great idea for your project life. plus, i have no doubt that Lily (who is a super cutie, by the way) will have so much fun looking through the project when she's older.

Ann Bright said...

Thanks for sharing the video on life project; it’s really interesting to go through the same. Plus your idea of trying the 365 day challenge competition with your cutie pie called Lily in your photo themes would simple great to see.