14 March 2011

New Arrival Updated With Photos

Our wait is over... the new arrival has come.

Sometime before 4am this morning my sister gave birth to her 7th child. A baby girl named Kaleaha Kara. She weighed in at 6 pound and 10 ounces and apparently both mum and baby are doing very well. I have not seen a photo as yet, but apparently she looks very much like her other brothers and sisters so she is of course beautiful.

I'm taking the day off work... naughty lol But this way I can help mum out with the other kids and be there to meet her when my sister comes home. Technically she only has to stay in hospital for 6 hours if everything is okay, and this is usually all she ever does do since she's a bit of a pro mummy. Crazy too... coming back to the chaos so soon. But it means we should get to meet Kaleaha at the house today and never have to go to the hospital.

So I thought I'd share a bit of a work in progress I started on the weekend that I will now be able to finish. Its my very first off the page attempt, and is a Kaisercraft Basics BABY album, purchased through The  Scrapbooking Haven, as well as Kaiser english rose chipboard.

I wish I had of used slighly brighter/darker papers on it, however it is incredibly feminine and girly in very soft pinks and greens. Now I just need to take lots of photos of bubs today and add them and some embellishments and it'll be pretty much done. It was so daunting but wow, it is pretty quick to put together. I have several of these albums, as another friend is pregnant and I wanted 2 for the 2 children I hope to have myself one day LOL Not 7... we aren't all like my sister! But I can certainly say I'm incredibly clucky and have my own plans for babies towards the end of this year :-)

A bit of an update, instead of starting a new post I thought I'd put some photos in this existing one. My new niece is so precious and tiny and perfect. The kids were pretty much fighting over who gets to hold her next lol At least we know its going to be a baby with lots of love.

Second biggest brother and biggest sister get baby sister out of car.
Biggest sister, baby sister and little princess sister (formerly littlest sister)
Kaleaha Kara
Little brother arrives home from school to meet new sister held by second biggest brother
Biggest brother a bit worried about holding such a tiny baby.
For some reason I did not get a picture of middle brother, as he was at school also today and had a quick look then went for some afternoon snacks. Boys will be boys!


DelightfullyCrazy said...

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful Holly!! I just found your blog :-) through your 'about me page' on Scrapbooking Haven...
Congratulations to all, a beautiful, pink bundle to love.... xxx

Mieke said...

Congrats on the newborn niece! Love your album. Thanks for playing along on the blog hop and leaving a sweet comment on my blog!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Hi! Thank you much for playing along with the Bird Is The Word blog hop! Thank you also for your lovely comments and for following my blog! Take care, Nadia.

P.S Congrats on the birth!!! SHe looks amazing. God bless.

HarmonySweetpea said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. She is eally beautiful.