14 April 2011

Best Wife Ever!

Just wanted to share some exciting news that is safe to share here... since hubby doesn't read my blog. So its his 30th birthday next month and I'm throwing him a party. I also got a awesome bargain deal for a seaplane ride for two to an island where there will be BBQ lunch and wine for us both. So I'm booking us 2 nights accommodation on the Gold Coast to make it more special.

So while he's already being spoilt rotten, I saw a mega cheap 3 night package deal on an airline email today. 3 nights in Auckland, New Zealand in a superior hotel room right in the city and flights included. So for less than $900 aussie dollars we are having a mini break in August in New Zealand.

My husband's hobby is equally time consuming as mine, as he is a musican. Their band is due to tour Australia on and off over 6 weeks in October/November so not much chance for us to use holidays together. So this way I get a chance to go see another country with him before he goes off on his annoying tour late in the year haha So its positive for both but I'm going to tell him on his 30th birthday about the holiday and he better be excited lol

So just had to share the news since its going to be a big secret to keep until May 17!


Jasmine S said...

Sounds super super exciting. I am sure you will have heaps of fun and your DH will be very excited (and very spoilt...lol)

Rachael Funnell said...

FAN FAB U LAS!!! hope you & your Hubby have a FABBO time....

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

how super and you must be simply bursting with the news, Shaz.x

Julie said...

WOW Maybe I should print out this post and leave it lying around. So many treats and special celebration ideas. Your husband can't help but love it all.My birthday is next week and I might??? get a card. But I am not grumbling because my hubby does special things for me every single day!

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