20 April 2011

Woyww - Lots of OTP

Happy WOYWW everyone,
This week has not been as productive as I would have liked with me only finishing maybe 2 projects so far this week... no wait... three. So not so bad then. After my visit to the Kaiser outlet, I have had a few OTP projects on the go, including the desk top organiser you see below. I originally planned to cover it with Secret Bird Society papers similar, but not quite the same as the project book for that collection, however I am so very much in love with the English Rose collection that I decided to cover it with that instead. As you can see I've only covered the drawers so far. Its not actually glued together yet, as I will use the pieces as templates to cut the rest. I've just put it together as a guide.

The funny thing is, I don't much like pink so I'm not sure why I love this collection so much. I figure it would be perfect in the room of a baby girl for organising small bits and pieces, and a few of you already know I'm so clucky and plan to try later in the year, so if that's the case, this one can be a baby room accessory and Í can create another for my workdesk lol

The other 2 OTP projects in progress are the clock by Kaiser, which I actually did finish last night. That's the one towards the back of the table. And an altered canvas which is in the early stages. It will actually be wedding related, but the black and white baby photo was just used to get an idea on colouring so nothing is stuck down. It also shows that my work desk has moved for these projects, into the lounge. Oooops. But my actual craft room...OMG what a mess. My stash is getting massive so the floor is mostly covered in crafty items.

I cannot wait for the easter long weekend. A 5 day weekend here in Australia. I plan to be very productive during this time and hopefully complete lots of projects. In between eating lots of chocolate.

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday. Its time for work for me now :-( So don't forget to visit Julia as a gateway to other desks.

Thanks for stopping by!

Holly xo


Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Holly!! Everything I can see looks Just Divine..... Cant wait to see the end product on your Deck Organiser... Hope you Enjoy your 5day Hoilday!!! Happy Scrappin...

Jasmine S said...

Well you are a busy bee with all these OTP. The drawers are looking great and the clock from what I see is ace. Well done.

Dale Tiernan said...

My table is in a similar state, Kaiser OTP on it and my stash is sneaking on to the floor so must store it all away. Look forward to seeing your final creations in a blog post.

Alanna said...

Love everything!!

Would love to see a close up shot of the clock :) Did you find it easy or hard? One of my friends has always admired my scrapbooking and I bought her that exact clock and some papers for her birthday. I'll give her a hand making it but as of yet, I haven't made a clock either!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Happy WOYWW, Holly, yet to post but hope to do so! I love your lower layout there there way to go, looking forward to easter break as well!
God bless,
Shaz in oz.x

okienurse said...

My husband says my craftroom is starting to look like the horders on tv! Not it has a lot of good stash in there. Love the desk organizer. I bought one at IKEA but it didn't have the little drawers to it! thanks for sharing. vickie #28

LG said...

WOW! Amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you managed to get some things done anyway. I like the organizer too. Love your desk as always. Have a happy vacation time. Happy Easter.

Ciara said...

It's funny how we can go for things we wouldn't normally like isn't it? I've been drawn to a few vintage style papers but I usually go for bright, bold stuff.

A 5 day weekend, nice! We have a 4 day weekend this weekend, followed by another one the week after due to the Royal Wedding & May Day Bank Holiday. So, I've booked 3 days off work next week and will actually have an 11 day break, hurrah!!!