25 April 2011

I Have a Green Thumb Afterall

Something a bit different to share today. Around the time I started this blog, I did an early post on the vegie patch I had started around boxing day last year. My dad built a garden bed for me in the backyard as a christmas present, at my request. I had wanted to start a vegie patch for ages, but have always been more successful at killing plants in the past so with that much effort, I was hoping it would be a success this time.

I'm still a bit inexperienced and clueless on the whole vegie patch thing, but look at it now:

 We have eggplants growing now. That's pretty exciting.
This is what I picked from my garden today. Carrots (some are a bit small and strange shaped) but definitely edible and tomatoes. Our tomato plants are going crazy, but I haven't been able to stake them too good so a bit floppy. Still... to be able to go out to my garden and find items to use in dinner tonight (lasagne apparently), its all very rewarding. We have had basil and parsley for cooking for a while now and lettuce so to have something a bit more substantial is a big step. Yay... I'm so proud of myself for not killing it all haha


Julie said...

We love picking from our vege garden too and like everything else Holly, it is about learning as you go. I love that your food is both fresh and pesticide free.
Keep smiling

Toni Cartwright said...

LOve home grown vegies..... we used to have a vegie patch and we used to pick all our fruit and vegies from it, but with me owning 2 busineses now i dont have the time.....
Hope you had a great easter...

Jasmine S said...

Those vegies look amazing. Yummy. I cannot wait to get motivated to start my vegie patch. With a new dog I think I might have to wait a bit.

Rachael Funnell said...

FABBO!! Nothings better than home grown Vegies..... We grow our own vegies here & there!!!
We need to be Motivated to have a vegie Patch...
Yours looks GR8..
Hope your Enjoying your Easter/ Anzac Break!

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