04 April 2013

First Digital Scrapbooking Page


So recently I decided to leap into the world of digital project life while also doing the physical version of a weekly and baby album. Yep, talk about multi tasking. Motherhood has me doing all sorts of new things.

Today I decided to have a go at an actual digital scrapbooking page. I used a freebie template I accumulated somewhere along the way but modified it a lot, removing most of the original elements and adding lots of other freebie digital elements I have collected lately. And of course the very lovely Midnight edition project life core kit. This was released last Monday at AC Digitals and even though I have ordered the physical version of the kit, I could not help purchasing this one too. It has actually been working well in my digital baby album with some recolouring, as I do not have a digital baby kit. So two examples of how else these amazing PL kits can be used.

Here is my digi layout:

And here is another example of playing with Midnight. Yep... the pink background paper and the green title card are actually midnight recoloured in the baby girl core kit colours. Such a diverse and adaptable collection!!

Thanks for visiting.

Holly x

1 comment:

Alanna said...

Gorgeous Holly!! You are so talented!! You're getting this digi thing sorted SO quickly!

If you want to get the colours exactly right (though you look like you've got in under control), I can send you one or two of the baby cards so you can sample the colours?