14 April 2013

Project Life Week 11-14


Time to share a months worth of Project Life since I finally took some photos. Terrible photos thanks to my gloomy dark house and poor weather but you get an idea. Would love to hear everyone's tips on photographing project life layouts, because it ain't that easy lol

Okay so these pics are a bit out of order and it seems I am missing some of my edited images but you get to see a bit of what my last few weeks have been like

Week 11

 Week 11 full page
 Week 12
 Week 12 full page
 Week 12 insert middle (2 x Becky Higgins page G for our Sydney trip)
Week 12 LHS
 Week 12 with first page of insert
 Middle week 12 insert - My brothers superhero/sci fi party
 Front page insert
Week 13 front of insert
 Week 13 front insert - family photo shoot and I have no idea where the rest of week 13 has gone
Week 13 back insert - easter photo shoot.
 Week 14 double without insert
 Week 14 front of insert - my current Scrapbooking memories publication
 Week 14 page 1
 Week 14 page 2
 Week 14 back of insert
Now my camera has just died and need charging otherwise I would photograph the other side of week 13... which happens to be easter. Will have to share that one another time.
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Anne P said...

Wow, looks like you are having a blast with the project life. Looking awesome.