09 April 2013

On a Scrappy Roll

Hey there

The blog has been a little bit irregular with updates lately. I've been totally focused on my project life stuff and keep forgetting to photograph it but I have definitely been creating a lot. So one of these days there will be some bulk updates. Otherwise, it has been a pretty hectic time with our recent family holiday and Easter, and more recently some sad news in the family with the passing of a beloved relative.

It is unfortunate that those sad events are often the occasions that bring family together though as I got to see some family who I have not seen for 12-13 years this past week which has been so special to spend time with them all.

Now the purpose of this post is just a quick update and to share some of my recent exciting news. I seem to be on a roll this year with my scrapbooking work. I had my extremely exciting honourable mention in the Scrapbooking Memories masters issue and am set for publication 5 issues in a row this year already with 6 creations. I am kinda still pinching myself that it has turned out that way. If you happen to read the magazine and get the latest issue, you will actually spot my baby bump twice lol I had the honour of being asked to do one of the SBM challenges using one of the specially designed paper sets that come with some issues. A nice little challenge.

The confident boost lead me to try a few different submissions too, which resulted in an acceptance from Creating Keepsakes. I also got home today to find an email accepting my very first digital layout that I had shared in my last post for a future issue. It's no guarentee but still an exciting idea that my first digital attempt may end up in print.

And on top of that, while in Sydney I had an email advising that I had won one of the catagories at The Scrapbook Awards again. That is my 3rd win in the past 18 months. Such an amazing feeling to know people like my work. I really have been blessed this past 6 months....12 months. Never thought my work would appear alongside all the amazing scrapbookers I admire so much.

Then of course there is the wonderful experience of being on the Scrapmatts Design Team and the fact that my canvas featured on their display wall with the rest of the amazing DT canvases at the recent craft expos. Looking forward to actually making it to the June Brisbane expo so I can see it all in person. Seriously... 2013 is a crazy good year when it comes to my scrapping (and being a mummy).

I am due to go back to work in June, which I am dreading lol Cannot believe my lovely Lily is already 4 months old. She is truely a pleasure. We got so lucky with such an easy first baby. She rarely cries, is always full of smiles and has always been a pretty good sleeper. Could not have asked for more. She makes me melt a million times a day with her gorgeous smiles and habits. It almost feels like I didn't start living until she arrived as my life now feels so much more complete than it ever did before. Loving every second of it!

Okay, enough of my excited gushing. I just had one of those reflective moments and wanted to share... lol
Holly x


Anne P said...

Well you have been on a fabulous roll, and I hope you continue to enjoy creating.

Alanna said...

Your post bought tears to my eyes Holly! I love hearing mothers gush about their babies and the joy they bring to their every day lives. Lily is definitely a treasure :) She looks cuter in every photo I see!

Congratulations on all the scrappy achievements! I have no idea how you find the time with that little munchkin around but you're doing awesomely! Keep up the great work and hope the next 2 months don't go too fast...!

Lizzyc said...

Well done on all your achievements Holly! and your little girl is a doll..how adorable she is!