26 February 2013

Digital Project LIfe

Hey there

So never did I expect the day to come that I would try digital scrapbooking but it seems since I got Photoshop elements 11 for Christmas and started Project Life in January, I have been trying all sorts of new things. Its been a blast.

I love the process of traditional scrapbooking so I will not be giving it up. And I am enjoying the physical form of Project Life for my yearly album too. However I wanted so much to do something in digi too so I decided I would do a first year album of my daughter in digi. That may seem strange as I am also working on a physical PL baby album but there is a difference. The baby album will be the before, during and after pregnancy, then first year of Lily's life using the Becky Higgins baby core kit. Lots of memorabillia and that sort of stuff. The digi thing will pretty much be Lily's first year in photos with a little bit of journalling.

The plan I have (and lets hope mum doesn't read my blog) is to get the digi version printed for our mum's for christmas there year. Pretty sure they will love it! And it gives me a chance to dabble in that other style.

So here are the first couple of digi pages I have done so far. The title page took me all of about 15 minutes as a bit of an experiment one day but that's what hooked me in.

Week 1 LHS


Let me know what you think of my first lot of digital pages.

Holly x


Nat said...

Love them Holly!

Sandra Bunch said...

It's fabulous Holly! I'm considering doing something similar. I have a newborn boy & am using traditional Baby Boy edition, but I love the brighter colours you're using so that might just be enough to push me into it also. Thanks for sharing