22 February 2013

Project Life Week 5

Hey there

So life at 30 = a head cold. Must have been too much excitement for one week lol I have had a sore throat, cough and now sniffles for the past couple of days. Not much fun when trying to keep miss Lily happy. So far she has not seem to have caught mummy's germs though at least. But she has been giving me a hard time with crazy late bed time the past 2 days. 2:30am the night before and 3am last night. Her dad and I take in turns trying to get her to sleep. One thing is for sure, our little miss has always been very active!

But I have mostly kept up with my project life so far this year so I thought I'd better share something of my past few weeks. I am a couple of journal spots off finishing last week (Complete with a big insert from my party). Only problem is, we haven't had a sunny day here in Queensland in what feels like weeks so my photos are downright shocking. And I probably should have taken them out of the album to photograph. But hey... I'm sick ;)

So here is my week 5 double spread (and totally shocking photo):

As the week crossed over from January to February, I included a 6 x 12 review in photos slip with instagram photos from the month. It was easier to do this document in microsoft word rather than the effort of resizing in photoshop. Not quite as neat but it did the job. This is using a WRMK page protector with the 6x12 and 3 4x6 horizontal slips.

Page 1

Page 2

 These photos really are horrible. I'm sorry. I should have re-photographed but with such awful overcast weather, they might not have been much better.

Materials: BH page protrectors & Seafoam card; Simple stories SNAP collection; WRMK page protector; Echo park photo freedom collection.

Please summer.. come back for the last week of February!!! I miss the sunshine.

I will share week 6 and 7 soon but maybe with some better photos lol

Holly x


Alanna said...

Great spread Holly! This PL thing is so damn addictive :) :)

Couple of questions...

The feb card: did you cut that out yourself?

The 2013 card: where's that from?

And the feb calendar one too, where's that one from?

Thanks!! :)

HarmonySweetpea said...

Hey Alanna,
Very addictive! The Feb card is Simple Stories SNAP, the 2013 card is Echo Park photo freedom and the calendar printable is from http://onevelvetmorning.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/free-printable-2013-calendar-for-project-life/

I have pinned a few other freebie printables like that on my pinterest board :)