08 February 2013

Project Life Week 3-4

Hey there

I'm back with my next set of Project Life pages for the 3rd and 4th weeks of January. Fairly uneventful 3rd week and the 4th we were mostly housebound as hubby got sick and then there were the floods in QLD. Parts of our suburb were affected but overall, very little impact on us personally. So sad for all those people who did lose their homes or worse... especially anyone already affected by the 2011 flood disaster. Can't believe it happened again so soon.

So my week 4 includes a news summary type section with key points of the flood situation. And a couple of pics collaged, which were taken from friends on facebook of places near by. One of those roads happen to be the way I would go to work if I weren't on maternity leave. And our local shopping centre car park. Not good!

Double spread

Week 3 close up

Week 4 close up

Materials for these pages included some more Becky Higgins seafoam edition. Just lovely!! Along with the BH white card and grid cards. I also used some Echo Park Photo Freedom and more of those gorgeous wood veneer pieces from Studio Calico. They are perfect for PL. And there are a couple of internet freebies on there too.. one of which was a Aus day 2012 card that I fixed up with a couple of number stickers to read 2013. Thanks to the person in the PL Australia FB group for pinning that on pinterest.

The page protector with the 6x12 slot is a EP photo freedom one. I set this insert up on Photoshop Elements... which I am so proud of. Going back a couple of weeks I didn't even own this program but now I'm making templates lol I then printed it out on A4 card and added an extra bit of card with some washi tape. In future I'll use proper 12 x 12 cardstock as I had been using photopaper but realise its not really neccessary for this type of insert.

Also, those week in review cards are simple ones I designed myself in Microsoft word. Very basic but they fit the purpose well as I can change the colour of the border and title each week to suit my colours. I just printed them out on the 4x6 grid cards from Becky Higgins. Simple but effective!

Anyway, I've almost finished week 5 and am contemplating how to start week 6. Being a newbie means I'm still not overly fast lol But I'm sure I'll streamline in time.

Thanks for visiting.

Holly x


Alanna said...

Looking good! :)

How do you print onto the 4x6 cards? Sorry if that's a dumb question! Does your printer just take the 4x6 cards individually? I know what I'm trying to ask but can't put it into words, sorry!

HarmonySweetpea said...

Hey Alanna,
My printer prints 4x6 photo size so I put the 4x6 cards in that slot and it will print on them. Won't do anything much smaller than that though.

Kim said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, your pages are lovely and streamlined!