19 February 2013



Warning... this is an extremely long blog post.

The 16th of February was my 30th birthday. It is strange how quickly that one sneaks up when the 20s seem to last ages until those last couple of years in the 20s. Or maybe it has something to do with all the stuff I crammed into my life in the past couple of years: marriage, travel, career, paying a mortgage, baby... These things do tend to keep one quite busy.

At 20, thirty seemed so old. Now... well it still sounds old but I don't feel any older lol But I can certainly say at 30 I am pretty content with the life I am living. I have achieved a lot in my 30 years and the biggest of those things and the one that makes me happiest is the most recent... the birth of my daughter. But I am also proud to have progressed as far in my career as I have already, making it to senior psychologist at 28 and to have gained substantial assets in our lives to live a confortable life. I have my love, Simon (who spoilt me rotten with an iPad for my birthday... woot!). And together we have seen a lot of places around the world, with 2 trips to Europe and 1 each to NZ and Fiji. Almost a trip to China that became a trip to Tassie thanks to some concerns with travelling with morning sickness.

I can certainly say that my 30th birthday was one I enjoyed greatly, with a celebration with friends and family. I almost didn't have a party but at the last minute kinda threw something together with a bit of  a hollywood theme for fun. A chance to dress up and feel pretty 2.5 months after giving birth. I am also proud to say I am very close to my pre-baby weight too. At least I am only 1.5kg off my usual weight and a few more off the super skinny pre-pregnancy weight I was.

But that leads me to the start of this week... which was not all happy moments. I can't remember if I blogged it or not. I think I did. But the 11th of February came with the sad reminder of the day last year I spent in hospital emergency for 6 hours due to a miscarriage. At the time it was so hard to imagine everything was going to be okay again anytime soon. But then by some amazing luck, I did fall pregnant again 6 weeks later approximately and that pregnancy was completely smooth sailing and brought us the most beautiful girl in the world and the light of my life. So it was a day that had me feeling a little flat though remembering the sadness that 12 months ago brought us.

Then I received other news that night that has still left me shocked and deeply saddened. A close friend from school whom I had not seen in recent years had tragically passed away with circumstances that make my heart ache. It shook me up quite a bit and we are yet to have the opportunity to farewell her so I know that day will be hard. I do hope she is at peace now though :( And I will always remember the amazing memories we shared over the years.

I think come next year, I will be keeping all my loved ones close and safe next February 11th.

But I am lucky to have been surrounded by wonderful people and good times over my birthday weekend. I really appreciate the effort my family went to in making it a great night.

I also had the idea from my favourite website - Pinterest of course, to have a DIY photobooth on the night. I wasn't too sure how it would turn out but there were some great pics as a result and it meant I got to be in pictures instead of being the one taking them. All I did was set the camera up on a tripod with the flash bulb, instructions on how to turn the camera on and activiate the timer. Then a bucket of props to get them in the mood. Here's some photo booth action.


Anyway... here's to a brilliant year of being 30 hopefully.
Holly x


Lizzyc said...

Oh Happy Birthday Holly.. what a year for you.. I do hope that this year will bring lots of happy memories.. and your darling girl is adorable! and your party looks like a lot of fun!!

Lauren said...

The photo booth looks fantastic! Sorry to hear Feb 11 is such a tragic day for you, hope it gets better next year.

Josie Dean said...

Glad you had a great 30th! Xxx

Sandie Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Holly, it certainly looks like you had a wonderful time. Sorry to hear the loss of your friend, obviously under tragic circumstances... sending hugs.
Your daughter is beautiful, she is growing so quickly.