18 May 2011

Birthday Surprises

Hey everyone,
Yesterday (Tuesday) was my husbands 30th birthday, so I decided to put together a weekend full of suprises to celebrate his milestone. He had no clue about any of it, other than the need to take 3 days off work on these particular days.

So surprise one was 2 nights booked in at Seaworld Nara Resort on the Gold Coast. He was impressed enough with that LOL On our first night, we got delicious fish and chips and had a very lazy night in our hotel, watching TV, and drinking wine.

Surprise 2 didn't go to plan. It was a private seaplane tour for two from the Gold Coast to Stradbroke Island, with a BBQ buffet and wine. The plane didn't come and when the resort rang, it turns out the plane was broken and someone was supposed to ring the night before. I was so disappointed as I was anticipating the stunned look on my husband's face when the seaplane landed to whisk us away. The owner appologised profusely and told me to ring him direct to re-book and he would throw in a couple of hundred dollars value extra, with an extended tour over the Gold Coast. Still... I was so disappointed but my husband was happy to know we still get to go in the future. So without a plan, we ended up going to Seaworld theme park, as we had half price entry with our resort stay.

Overall, the theme park is not overly exciting compared to the other theme parks nearby. Its more animal based, which suited me better yesterday anyway. Wasn't really up for crazy rides... and of the 3 rides they do have for thrill seekers these days, one was broken. So we had a leisurely day taking in the sites at Seaworld. The highlight was the adorable new penguin exhibit. They were unreal. They liked looking at us through the window as much as we liked looking at them haha And it was weigh in day, and the funny little things actually jump on the scales willingly. Very fascinating!

Unfortunately the failure of surprise 2 meant that my plan to reveal surprise 3 didn't go to plan either, so I ended up handing my husband surprise 3 in the resort room before Seaworld. In a hand made card, I gave him a booking confirmation for our 3 nights to Auckland, New Zealand trip in August. He was a bit stunned but very happy. He's an optimist anyway so the fact that the day didn't go to plan did not phase him at all as he said it was still the best birthday ever and that he gets to extend it for ages with his other presents at least. So while we didn't get to go on our seaplane trip this week, we did get to see some awesome penguins, pat sting rays and watch a polar bear do some crazy things with the lid of a water tank.

Oh and we did a lot of eating. Italian resturant on Tuesday night and a steak and seafood resturant on the way home today. Sooooo fat! Now we have the pimp n ho theme 30th birthday party on Saturday night to prepare for. So much to do... so little time remaining... but at least my costume came ;-)


lisa said...

What a wonderul birthday you gave your Hubby but such a shame it didn't quite go to plan. Still, you've still got things to look forward too which is nice and I'm very envious of your trip to Auckland. We would love to visit NZ but it's such a long way away, maybe one day!!
Hugs Lisax

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Too bad your plans didn't work out, but what a great gift.

Those penguins are super cute.