22 May 2011

Fancy Dress & Fun Times

Hi everyone,
Last night was my husband's 30th birthday party, which was a pimp themed party lol He had a great time, with a lot of drinks and good company. It was at our house so quite a mess to clean up this morning but nothing too drastic. Lots of left over food. I can't believe how awesome some of the costumes were though, so I thought I'd share a few for a laugh.

 Birthday boy with his afro wig, excessive bling and even some grillz (the blinged up mouth guard thing worn by homeboys)
 I think I ended up more salloon style than anything LOL We had a lot of eras covered in costume. I got to use my wedding garter again to store some fake cash haha
Hubby's boss and wife
 The boys.... costume of the night was the person on the left. One of our groomsmen and hubby's best friend. He hired a complete outfit that came with leopard print platforms and a cane and hat to match. So funny! And he's already over 6 foot so he towered over everyone.
My in laws...mother in law, brother in law and father in law haha

 My parents... including a fake tattoo sleeve haha
 Cupcakes.... I used green icing to do dollar signs on each of them. Some were a bit more like a green blog haha
The mini album.... now I have to finish it off with some party photos!


Alanna said...

Looks like a fun night! I made one of those albums for my Mum's 50th in early March... still actually yet to add the photos so hopefully you're more speedy than me ;)

Angela said...

Great photos holly!! You all look the part lol!

jules said...

great pics holly....can't wait to see you scrap them....it looks like you had an awesome night!
love the costume too honey.

jules xx