04 February 2011

Advice Needed For Cuttlebug

Hi all,
As you might have noticed, I am now a proud owner of a Cuttlebug... and it's standard colour even happens to be my favourite colour... GREEN!

So last night I had a bit of a trial run with the Bug. Did a bit of embossing and die cutting, with no real purpose in mind. It is pretty easy to operate. The one thing that did concern me was the fact that the die cuts, even with a thing piece of card for protection, left marks on the cutting plate. I have read this is quite common but are there other suggestions on how to avoid this, to prolong the life of the plates? Are there any other maintenience suggestions anyone might have?
Can anyone please tell me what other types of dies and embossing folders work with the Bug, as google responses can be a bit inconsistant, so it would be good to hear it from some experienced Bug users. I currently have 2 Sizzix Sizzlets dies, which came with the pack. I'm guessing this means they are compatible but have no idea about any other brands or types. Could you also tell me if any extra items are needed to make the different products work.
Finally, are there any other tools and gadgets that are useful when owning a Bug? Or any other pieces of advice you may be able to offer.
I look forward to some helpful responses and hope to have some new creations to show over the weekend :-)


Elizabeth said...

Hello from Scotland, I'm not sure how much help I can offer but I got my Cuttlebug late last year - it's teal/off-white and has the older style handle - and I love using it for embossing. Because of the marks it makes on the plates I hesitate to use it for die-cuts even though I know that this is quite usual. I have a 'No More Shims' embossing mat to use with metal stencils and metal dies. It's a sort of rubber sponge mat which means I don't have to make up my own shim of card and paper to get the Bug to emboss. I know we can use a variety of folders, other than Cuttlebug's own, such as the Sizzix but I've really not gone into it too deeply yet and the ones I do use may only be available here in the UK. Hopefully, there are many more knowledgeable crafters out there who can help. I have experimented with leaves, etc., to get interesting embossing effects - please take a look at my blog archive and see what I've been up to. Kind regards, Elizabeth #96

lisa said...

Hi Holly
Sorry I'm a bit late getting to you this week. I'm struggling with a streaming cold and when I tried to type last night it all came out as rubbish. Think my brain is a bit fuddled so bear with me if there are any typos in this.
I've had my Bug for 3 years now and love it, it's probably my favourite bit of kit. You can use any make of die in it, they tell you on the packaging of the die what combination of plates you need. If you haven't got a C plate then you definitely need one of those if you want to use other makes.
The Sissix Bigz dies work brilliantly, such as the Tim Holtz ones and you only need your base plate for those.
I love Spellbinders, all the Nestabilites are great and once you start collecting them you won't stop so be warned.
I could go on for ages with different techniques. Try embossing and sanding back the embossed area or alternatively try inking it with a distress ink.
You can ink the folder itself (the side with the writing on) and then put your card in and emboss. It takes a bit of experimenting to get a good result, most people use a brayer to apply the ink.
As to cutting into the plates, there's not a lot you can do to stop this. I try and just cut into one plate and keep the other nice. The cut into one has a real bend on it but still works perfectly after 3 years and it gets a lot of use so don't worry too much about wearing them out. You'll soon get over marking it!!
Sorry to have gone on a bit but if there's anything you want to ask please don't hesitate to e-mail me and I'll help if I can.
Hugs Lisax

Beryl said...

You can't stop the plates marking - it's normal but you should have two B plates. Always use the same plate as the cutting surface and don't always use it the same way up. It will - over time - bend - but using both sides delays the speed at which it will end. All quite normal. You can use all sorts of die and embossing folders. The are places where you can download the recipe for all the different dies.I've had mine almost three years now and have only ever worn one cutting plate out and I use it most days.
Hope this helps.
Beryl xx

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