26 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Hi everyone,
Well its been a fun Friday night and Saturday morning already this weekend. I participated in my very first cyber crop last night at Wicked Princesses. It kicked off at 7PM last night with 2 hours to complete the first mystery layout. It was quite the challenge as I'm a pretty slow scrapper, and spend wayyyyy too long thinking everything through since I'm still learning. But it was heaps of fun. I did a layout for my hen's party, so still kind of wedding related, but not as directly ;-)

The second crop challenge was had to be using a number somewhere on your page, in the colours you'd want your dream birthday party, with embellishments. I did a super bright layout for my niece's 18th birthday. I'm very proud of myself because its way brighter than I usually scrap and it came together very quickly. The third challenge will be posted some time today. Can't wait.

Then this mornings very lovely news, I have received a stylish blogger award from the lovely Brenda from Butler's Abroad. Be sure to go check out her blog and see what a lovely card maker and talented crafter she is.

So now it is my duty to share seven random facts with you, then pass this award on to seven talented bloggers:
  1. My favourite flowers are oriental lillies. I had white ones for my wedding.
  2. I am a massive chocoholic. A bad habit I inherited from my mother. My favourite chocolate fix is Arnott's TV Snacks, which is a great chocolate covered biscuit available in Australia.
  3. I drive a bright green Mazda 2, which is the same colour as the standard Cuttlebug green,which also happens to be my favourite colour... however I have a driving phobia. I only drive to work and few other places lol
  4. I work as a psychologist in a men's correctional facility. Its a challenging and interesting career path, but of course, like any full time job, it totally gets in the way of my scrapping time hehe Oh and you'd think that would encourage me to fix the driving phobia... but no.
  5. My current favourite television show is GLEE. It's awesome!
  6. I am a total organisation freak, and plan things in great detail... however I'm certainly not a clean freak... so unfortunately those things don't go hand in hand.
  7. My favourite way to relax is a bubble bath, with a good book and a box of TV Snacks.
I now nominate the following talented bloggers for a Stylish Blog Award:

Rachael - I love your scrapbooking style. Your layouts are always so bright and beautiful.

Dale - A fabulous scrapper and card maker.

Julia - A favourite place to visit every Wednesday. The person who created WOYWW!

Karen - A great place to visit for inspiration on scrapbooking but also her amazing weigh loss journey. Something to be proud of.

Kate - Amazing scrapper and the one I can thank for introducing me to the fun world of cyber cropping!

Voodoo Vixen - Always a great place to visit as there is always something new and exciting happening on this desk.

Mary Pat - And last, but not least, another talented scrapper and card maker I love to visit.

Thank you all for providing inspiration and lovely places for me to visit online. Play along if you wish too :-)


Dale Tiernan said...

Well, bless my little cotton socks. I'm flattered. Interesting facts too. Now how do you manage to create a link to a blog and have it be the person's name? I'd really like to be able to do that.

Kate said...

thanks so much Holly!! we are so alike after reading your list there!!

HarmonySweetpea said...

You're both welcome. Kate... surely no embarrassing driving fear though. I think that one is quite uniquely and tragically me lol

Dale Tiernan said...

Thanks for your help with the link info. I've used it once already. There's no turning back now.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow thanks so much for my wonderful award! i am honored.

voodoo vixen said...

Thank you for the award... I am with you on the driving phobia... it only happened since I got here to Canada and I have to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road... my brain won't switch over!! I told DH I wanted to go to Oz for our next assignment because they drive on the proper side!! LOL

Rachael Funnell said...

Geeeeee Wizz! THANKS SOOooo MUCH for your kind words & for the Award... I'll will pick it up ASAP...... & wear it with pride!!!!!
Thanks again

Krissy Christie said...

Im so glad you enjoyed the cybercrop Holly!

Thanks for visiting my blog too :D

See you at Wicked Princesses :)

Krissy xx

HarmonySweetpea said...

Glad you all liked your much deserved awards! Thanks for your visit Krissy :-)