27 February 2011

Weekend Cyber Crop Layouts

Hi everyone
I did something new and extremely fun this weekend... I participated in a Cyber Crop at Wicked Princesses, as you may have gathered from my last post. It was super fun and I can't wait until the next one.

For the first challenge, we had a time limit and had to complete a party themed layout with the words Celebrate good times or happy birthday to you. It also had to have a landscape photo. This was a tough one as I'm such a slow scrapper but I got it done. Its my hen's party so sort of wedding related still but not as directly.

For the next challenge, we had to have a number somewhere in our layout, and it needed to be in the colours you would have for balloons at your dream birthday party, with more than one photo. So for this layout I scrapped my niece's 18th birthday party from last Friday night. This was the brightest layout I think I have ever done and I am really happy with how it turned out. I'm not sure if the photo is clear but I stuck an extra photo of the cake over where my niece was cutting her cake in the last pic, as most of the photo cut the cake out. I like the 3D affect it has.

The final challenge had to be of 2 photos of either different people at the same age or the same person at different birthday's. It had to include a birthday embellishment and circles. Mine is of my niece and nephew who are almost a year apart, with birthday's only day's apart, so always celebrated together. I love the candles. Not sure if it shows up on the photo but I embossed paper with a candy stripe design then rolled them around foam to create 3D candles.

Overall, a productive scrappy weekend and a nice relaxing one as I don't think I have one of those again for a long while. Also, it must be a nice change for everyone to see something that isn't related to my wedding hehe


Julie said...

It certainly looks like you are having a great time with your craft. Each experience is stretching you and that is great. I hope you keep enjoying this wonderful craft.

Julie said...

Hi there
Just popped over to say hi and check out your blog.

Sheila said...

Your layouts look fantastic! I'm a slow scrapper too.

HarmonySweetpea said...

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately I haven't even had a chance to start anything since the weekend. Maybe tomorrow. Fingers crossed!