07 January 2011

DIY - Raised Veggie Patch

For christmas this year I asked my parents to get me a raised garden bed. The hardware stores had corrugated iron or wood ones, but were too small or really expensive, so my Dad built me one.
Pretty much all you need is treated wood to the size you want you garden bed, some nails, a hammer and weed mesh, then just soil and seeds once you're ready to go. My garden bed is around 2.4 x 1.8 metres. Then it is just a matter of placing it where you want it, remembering it is not something you can move around as there is no base. A location that gets the morning sun most often during the year is best.
Then just fill it with soil or bags of potting mix & get planting! I used potting mix and it took about 16 bags, but at least I know it's made for growing, already full of nutrients.

Here is the garden bed prior to planting. As you can see it has a layer of weed mesh underneath to prevent weeds growing through.

The next two pictures are of my veggie patch less than 2 weeks after planing and already there are shoots coming through. Very exciting for someone lacking a green thumb!

I will be sure to keep you posted on my gardening progress... as in the past I have managed to kill my prior attempts. But they were in pots... so surely by getting this serious, it will be a total success ;-)

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