18 January 2011

I'm Getting a Cuttlebug

I have always said upon starting this blog that as much as I love crafting, scrapbooking and all that stuff, I am a total newbie. It was not until I started meeting and visiting lots of others who share these interests on here that I realised exactly how much I do have to learn and already I feel like I have done so.

I had read something about a Cuttlebug and had no idea what it was so did a bit of investigating and realised it was awesome and I had to have one. Lucky enough its my birthday next month so I ordered it this morning and it will technically be my birthday present from my hubby. So excited! I ordered it from Oh My Crafts. http://www.ohmycrafts.com/ and the postage was pretty steep to Australia, but overall with their current special and all the extras I am getting, it worked out better than it would if I'd purchased it here. The current special is $59US for a starter kit with accessories. So hopefully in a couple of weeks my Cuttlebug will arrive and I will be able to create far more with my scrapbooking and other DIY!

Stamping is also something I've never tried so I've also ordered a stack of stamps off eBay this week. Overall its been quite the craft shopping frenzy. Cannot wait to receive my new goodies!


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Woohoo! how very exciting and well remember my first opening of the box of my bug less than a year ago now ... in March 2010 to be exact... and if you want a tremendous bug blog this is it - Harmony, in case you dont know it yet..http://ikkiscuttlebugcupboard.blogspot.com/
Ikki is the best very innovative and great tools in her cupboard right from what sandwiches to use when using what folders.. you realise that this is just the start dont you? You will keep needing more stuff now!!I have some posts on various different uses of folders when you are more advanced you can check out.. brayering on folders and extending folders so you can make them bigger than the size of A2 or whatever they are.
anyway too much info too early I know you will have fun!
Shaz In Oz.x

HarmonySweetpea said...

Hi Shaz,
Wow that all sounds so daunting but also so exciting. I can't wait for it to arrive. Hopefully the journey from the US isn't a long one. Thanks for the link. I will be checking that out straight away. A whole new world of crafting will soon begin :-D I've already gone eBay made with accessories which will all arrive before the bug just to taunt me!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

mm, Harmony, know what you mean about eBay mad with the good dollar exchange i have to keep putting myself on a buying ban whcih I ham not till my next billing time starts in a week.. sigh.. too hard to pay it each month otherwise! I am having a Harmony stay with my on Sat. her name is Harmony James and she is country singer and calling into see me on her way home from Tamworth which I ham all excited about. she is here:
she is a dear friend
love Shaz,x Ps I used to teach her so dont think she is my age!!:D

HarmonySweetpea said...

Its so easy to get carried away shopping online. We're still paying off our wedding and have a mortgage and other expenses so I'm usually good but enjoy the occassional splurge and this week has been a major one. All in good fun.

My real name is actually Holly. I've used Harmony Sweetpea online since I was about 14 though so its just stuck as my online pen name. Its a pretty name though. My hubby's uncle is a country music singer also. They would perhaps know each other. Graeme Connors.

I'll have a look and listen :-) xo

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