12 January 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Choosing a Photographer

 As many bride-to-be's soon learn, picking your photographer is almost as important as picking your date and venue. Certainly there will always be a wedding photographer available at the last minute, if somehow you forget this important task. Afterall, it seems like wedding photographers grow on trees at times with the numerous options available. However it does not take an expert to realise the difference between a skilled wedding photographer, and someone who takes okay pics.

Budget is of course one of the important factors to consider before searching for a wedding photographer. Right at the start when you do up your rough budget, decide with your partner how much you are willing to spend on photography, remembering you may also wish to hire a videographer too. It is also important to know what type of style you like. Some prefer the traditional portrait style, however these days candid photos are much more popular and capture the true vibe of the day. The best way to do this is online or by flicking through bridal magazines. Once you have made these decisions, then you can begin searching for quotes.

One of the best parts of wedding planning these days is how easy it has become with the internet. This is where most of your wedding research will take place. Start by searching for wedding photographers from bridal websites or magazines. Once you find a handful that you like, request a quote via phone or email. Make sure you find out exactly what is included. Through this process you will be able to shortlist a couple of photographers whose work you like, who is available on your wedding day and who fit with your budget. Try to keep this number between 2-5 to avoid the decision being too hard.
Meet with your short list of photographers. While they may create stunning photos, you need to feel comfortable on the day So make sure you find a photographer who both your partner and yourself like and feel relaxed with. It will show in your photos.

Most photographers offer different prices packages so know what is most important to you. Do you want full coverage of the entire day or just the ceremony? Do you want an album or are you happy with a disc of images? Do you get high res images with your package or does this cost extra? All of these are important in making your final decision.

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