11 January 2011

Sad Times in Queensland

Here in Australia we are experiencing tragic times. Our weather patterns have gone from several years of drought to an opposite extreme, with severe floods & the worse to come. In my area, it is expected to peak around midnight at 17.2metres.

My sister is flooded in about 20 minutes down the road. Her horses have been moved to higher ground, as her fences are under water. So scared for her. She is 6 months & has 6 children & many animals to care for.

Things are bad. 8 lives lost already & 72 people missing. Many suburbs being evacuated. We should be fine here but who knows for sure. Such a sad & scary time.
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Deena said...

our thoughts are with you guys down under...hopefully you stay safe and dry...

Beryl said...

Hi Harmony,
Thanks very muh for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I've seen some very tragic footage of the floods you have over there - it must be so frightening. I hope you and your family come through it unscathed. The weather sure has been crazy this year. It's usually quite mild here in Wales but the week leading up to Christmas our water froze and we didn't have water in the house till late on boxing day. 7 days without running water for us (had to use melted snow for most of that time) and I bet you must be wishing never to see the stuff again.
Beryl xx

HarmonySweetpea said...

Thank you both so much for your kind comments. Its just unbelievable with what is happening all around the world. Strange weather patterns everywhere. Its something I never expected to happen in my life time with these floods and I can just be so very thankful that myself and my family have not been directly affected too much. 5 minutes down the road is flooded though. Our city centre is completely under in places. And the worst is yet to come. But it has united the nation and shows the good in people all doing their bit to help.