08 January 2011

Spring Clean... A Few Months Late

Today I got the motivation up to clean out our office/computer room. We moved into our home 18 months ago and since then, this room has just become the dumping grounds for everything that did not have a place. It even had boxes of stuff from when we moved that were never unpacked. Today, I have spent a good 8 hours or near to it, emptying the room out and moving everything around. Its amazing how big it looks without all the clutter. I even managed to convert my corner computer desk into a wall length computer and crafting desk. Much more useful desk now!

The only negative is that there are now a few big boxes of stuff that I have not found a home for. Most of it will hopefully sell at a garage sale at Mum's in February. But some will need a different home in the house.

One thing I do know is that I am going to be soooooo sore tomorrow. I can already feel my muscles starting to ache after all the heavy lifting and dragging of furniture. But I am proud of my effort!

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