21 January 2011

Things I have Learnt This Fortnight

As an eager learner, I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can in the past couple of weeks and amazingly enough, I have actually learnt quite a lot. I thought I would share some of these things.

1. I discovered the Cuttlebug and decided I want one... its on its way!

2. I discovered how useful stamping could be in scrapbooking and got some... I have even done my first stamping embellishments in my latest scrap layout.

3. I learnt how to distress paper, through a youtube tutorial. I have done this in my latest layout and can't wait to try some of the other techniques I found for distressing in future creations.

4. I created my very first attempt at a vintage style layout.

5. There is such thing as scrapbooking challenges... and I entered a couple.

6. I don't always have to do two page layouts when scrapbooking.

7. The most important thing I've learnt is to be brave and try new things.. experiment and just give it a go.

Those are just a few of the things I discovered recently that will take me much further with my scrapbooking and maybe other areas such as card making in the future. It has been a fun and challenging couple of weeks, and I'm only just getting started.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted in tips, advice and encouragement. I look forward to sharing lots more with you all in future :-)


Julie said...

Yeah, Its number 7 that matters most but can I also add , HAVE FUN! because if it aint fun, don't do it.


HarmonySweetpea said...

Totally agree Julie. And it is indeed so much fun... and addictive! :-)