23 January 2011

Scrapbooking Sunday - A Day At The Louvre

As part of our big European Christmas trip in 2008-09, we spent a large portion of a day at the Lourve museum. It was pretty amazing seeing some of the artworks I had studied during high school art class. Not to mention the ever so famous... yet incredibly tiny Mona Lisa. A bit of a let down really. Who would have through it was barely A4 size. But its still pretty unreal to say we've been there. It had me feeling very much in the mood for Dan Brown's "The Davinci Code" all over again.

If you have been there you would know it is a mammoth of a place and the biggest museum in the world. Well we only had a week in Paris so as much as we could have easily spent half of it exploring the Louvre, we had far too much else to see. And funny enough, it took us over an hour to find the exit. Still cannot believe how hard it was to find a way out of that place. Its like a maze. You see an exit sign but it leads to another display room and another and finally, we were near desperate when we did reach the surface again. I think I'm too scared to go back again now in case we get lost in there again!

The following scrap layouts were done in honour of our day at the Lourve. Let me know what you think, remembering I'm a scrapper newbie and have a lot of learning to do. I haven't yet worked out how to photograph a 12 x 12 page very well either. Advice much welcome.

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Karen Shady said...

Hi :) I wanted to thank you for the awesome comments about my weight loss.... My friend and I are organising a bit of a weight loss challenge, with scrappy prizes, so if you know of anyone who would like to shed a few kilos, send them my way :) have a wonderful day