12 January 2011

Flood Update

The floods here in Australia have reached their peak level in some areas but still to rise in Brisbane over night.Here in my own city of Ipswich, it has been surreal. Restaurants we’ve eaten in completely under water. So many homes & businesses ruined. No power to many homes. Its so sad.

The death toll has reached 13 but will rise with more than 60 people reported missing.

My own suburb has been impacted but not near our home. We went for a walk today though, to see the local area.The local park looks like a swamp and what was once a bridge has completely disappeared to the point where we could not see where the water ends on the other side.

So many roads are flooded and I’m devastated we will most likely be unable to get to my parents area for their 40th wedding anniversary dinner tomorrow night. Neither will my sister, who narrowly missed a landslide on the highway near her home last night.

Very tragic times. So many sad stories. Thousands of people in emergency evacuation centres.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to go to work for a while at least. I work in a prison as a psychologist and I know due to the amount of impact from the flood, they were operating with about 26 staff. That's about half or less than what we would normally have. I know few people will make it in tomorrow so I think it'll mostly to be to help with handing out meals and all that sort of stuff.


lisa said...

It's so terrible. We are watching it here in the UK with horror. My thoughts are with you all. I hope the waters start to subside soon.
Good Luck with it all.
Hugs Lisax

Beryl said...

Watching the reports today I was wondering if people were gettingto work or not. I'm thinking that most normal everyday tasks are impossible in those conditions. Hope things don't get any worse for you in that area.
Beryl xx

HarmonySweetpea said...

Its come in slightly less worse than expected but that doesn't take away the destruction and lives lost. Its just horrible. People are starting to talk about the rank smell in the places where flood waters are. There are already reports of e. coli in some country towns. The worst of it has hit at least, although there may be a second peak this afternoon, but it won't get to the same level.

I haven't left for work yet. So few people can get anywhere at the moment which is so hard. We think we may have worked out a rough, long and winding route to get to my parents dinner tonight.

Thank you both for such lovely comments xo

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